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Dresden ‘Hi Lights!’ exhibition with OLED demonstration continues

International Year of Light 2015 in Dresden a big success

2015 has been appreciated as the “International Year of Light” all around the world. In Dresden, Germany, several events, stage plays, exhibitions and other activities have been initiated by more than 30 institutes, museums, theaters and other institutions.

More than 60.000 guests joined key activities and have visited the local exhibition ‘Hi Lights! Neues vom Licht’, diverse programs, plays, photonic courses and much more.

Novaled supported the ‘Technische Sammlungen’ (local technical museum) and its exhibition ‘Hi Lights’ by providing Know How and supporting an exhibit formed by Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs). An OLED is a diffuse light source used in latest displays with brilliant picture quality and visionary lighting applications. The interactive exhibit incorporates 1125 high performance OLEDs with Novaled material. Thanks to sensors and driving technologies the exhibit is not only emitting natural, warm white light but can also form ‘living shapes’ by turning a visitor’s shadow into light.

The exhibition ‘Hi Lights! Neues vom Licht’ continues until June 2016.

Interactive OLED wall ‘Living Shapes’ with 1125 high performance OLEDs; sponsored by Novaled & its founders. (Source:



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