Novaled® Materials

Novaled is developing materials such as Dopant, Transport, Interlayer and Outcoupling Materials suitable for a variety of applications.

Novaled® Materials are designed to deliver customer benefits not just in a lab environment, but also especially for mass-produced devices. Process compatibility differentiates our approach from research activities that for example focus merely on optimizing device performance using inorganic materials.

All three skills – device physics, synthetic chemistry and processing are cross-linked to ensure a deep understanding of all aspects of OLEDs: optical properties, stack architecture, degradation mechanisms (chemical and physical), device processing, and doping and transport materials.

Novaled creates material for durable and power-saving OLEDs. Additional advantages are:

  • highest-power efficiency
  • extremely low and stable operating voltage
  • easy integration
  • long-lifetime
  • top-emission structure.

We are working to establish Novaled PIN OLED® Technology as one of the leading techniques in the OLED industry. OLEDs consist of several functional layers, such as charge transport layers and the emissive layer. Our unique approach uses dopant materials to increase the conductivity of the charge transport layers.

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