A Great Place to Work

  • „Working at Novaled is about overcoming challenges. As a chemist, there’s an opportunity every day to prove yourself again …and I know no better place or colleagues to do that with!”

    (Dr. Francois Cardinali, Senior Scientist, Material R&D Team)

  • „In Novaled's IP department, I have the unique opportunity to unify two overlapping qualifications - in chemistry and in patenting – and to exploit both of them to promote very exciting cutting-edge technology.”

    (Mr. Tomasz Kalisz, Senior Scientist, IPL Group)


  • „As a physicist at Novaled, I work on leading-edge, exciting research topics in close collaboration with chemists. That allows me to extend my perspective and gain cross-functional expertise. In just a short period of time, I had the chance to take over responsibilities for important development topics and projects.”

    (Dr. Steffen Runge, Senior Scientist, Device Group)

  • „For me, being part of Novaled means I start the day early knowing that a really great and motivated team is awaiting me. With this team it's much easier to tackle daily issues that typically occur in clean-room manufacturing. And it’s fun to provide the best support to our R&D team and to our customers.”

    (Ms. Alexandra Lamprecht, Senior Engineer, Engineering Team)



„A company that performs well is
a  company that develops the
competencies of each of its members.”

(Mr. Gerd Günther, CEO of Novaled)




Novaled holds the award for: