Press Releases

Here you can find some important Press Releases for your download and the use in Novaled related publications. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

07/03/2016 Novaled, IAPP and Technical University of Dresden honoured (PDF)

17/03/2015 New emitters to enhance the cost performance and environmental-friendliness of OLED lighting (PDF)

06/02/2014 Plastic Logic and Novaled partner to demonstrate a world first for displays and open a new frontier in consumer electronics (PDF)

12/12/2013 Novaled received German-French-Economy Award (PDF)

22/10/2013 Cheil Industries speeds up New Growth Strategy through Next-Generation Display Material

04/10/2013 ENAB-SPOLED project targeting solution processed OLEDs for lighting (PDF)

12/09/2013 Colnatec partners with Novaled to test world’s first heated sensor system for pinpoint precision OLEDs (PDF)

09/08/2013 Cheil Industries to acquire Novaled AG (PDF)

17/07/2013 Supported project “cyCESH” for cost‐efficient printed OLEDs (PDF)

11/06/2013 World First at LOPEC: Laser Processing for Customized OLEDs by 4JET & Novaled  (PDF)

30/04/2013 Federal President of Germany meets Novaled founders and Future Prize winners (PDF)

12/04/2013 Cambrios Partners with Novaled to Produce 100 sqcm OLED Lighting Tile with New Highly Transparent Electrodes (PDF)

08/04/2013 Novaled ranked as Top Ten Innovative Company (PDF)

31/01/2013 Public funded OLED project So-Light successfully concluded (PDF)

02/10/2012 Novaled awarded “European Company of the Year” (PDF)

29/06/2012 Novaled and Samsung Mobile Display sign a strategic cooperation Agreement (PDF)

31/05/2012 New Air-Stable n-Dopant & ETL Materials (PDF)

13/04/2012 Novaled cooperates with Marcus Tremonto on development of PAD (PDF)

11/04/2012 Novaled’s Liternity brand to present new OLED luminaire designs at L+B 2012 (PDF)

29/03/2012 Novaled AG appoints new Chairman of its Supervisory Board (PDF)

19/03/2012 Novaled Files Registration Statement for IPO (PDF)

30/01/2012 Novaled receives ISO 9001certification (PDF)

15/12/2011 Federal President of Germany awards Novaled founders German Future Prize (PDF)

23/11/2011 European research project on new lighting technology successfully finalized (PDF)

28/09/2011 Samsung invests into Novaled (PDF)

29/08/2011 German Federal President nominates Novaled’s founders team for the Deutscher Zukunftspreis (PDF)

21/07/2011 Novaled AG opens its second Asian office in Korea (PDF)

13/07/2011 Novaled develops highly power-efficient white PIN OLEDs with long lifetime and excellent light Quality (PDF)

12/05/2011 Novaled develops world's most power-efficient fluorescent white PIN OLEDs (PDF)

19/04/2011 Novaled AG announces 2010 financial results, reporting a 37% increase in sales and positive EBITDA (PDF)

17/01/2011 Novaled awarded best in class for Quality (PDF)

24/08/2010 Novaled launches market report ‘The OLED Lighting User’s Manual’ (PDF)

01/06/2010 WAC LIGHTING Exhibits Bath Bar Prototype with transparent Novaled OLEDs (PDF)

20/05/2010 Novaled demonstrates long lifetime and high efficiency white top emitting OLEDs (PDF)

29/04/2010 Novaled demonstrates reliable OLEDs on metal substrates (PDF) 

10/04/2010 Cooperation between Novaled and Ingo Maurer on transparent OLED Lamps (PDF)

09/04/2010 Novaled-Vorstand Sorin erhält französischen Nationalverdienstorden (PDF)

09/04/2010 OLED Leuchten – Konzeptstudie zeigt Zukunft des Lichts (PDF)

07/04/2010 Gerd Günther joins Novaled Management Board (PDF)

25/03/2010 Novaled to introduce ultraflat OLED luminaires at Light + Building (PDF) 

11/03/2010 German Novaled AG receives Clean Equity Award 2010 (PDF)