Expertise for Technology Implementation

Knowing how to put knowledge into practice

The success of a new technology depends on how well and how fast expertise is put into practice. Therefore, Novaled offers its comprehensive OLED doping technology that enables partners and manufacturers to join the promising field of OLEDs for display, lighting and other organic electronics.

Novaled’s core skills – device physics, synthetic chemistry and process engineering are cross-linked to ensure a deep understanding of all aspects of OLEDs: optical properties, stack architecture, degradation mechanisms (chemical and physical), device processing, and doping and transport materials.

Users of Novaled's technology benefit from the company’s expertise in creating high-performance devices, reducing time to market and decreasing manufacturing cost. Novaled’s depth of knowledge spans material engineering, process development and OLED manufacturing. With its state-of-the-art tools, equipment and infrastructure, Novaled is experienced in all relevant processes. Manufacturers gain quick access to its front-end and back-end OLED processing expertise.

Understanding that each customer has different goals and strategies, Novaled customizes its technology implementation services for each specific request and need.

OLED Technology Licensing – Novaled’s PIN OLED Technology

Due to its intensive research and development efforts, Novaled has more than 1505+ patent applications worldwide.

Novaled Intellectual Property is protected in major manufacturing countries and major markets worldwide.

  • Novaled provides to customers a long IP reach (key patents even through year 2040)
  • Key manufacturing countries (KR, CN) and markets (KR, JP, US, EU) are covered
  • Customers receive freedom to operate solutions

The rapid growth of Novaled granted patents can be seen below. To date, > 820 patents have been granted.

By licensing Novaled's cutting-edge proprietary OLED technology, customers can enhance their product performance.

Licensees of Novaled's OLED technology obtain quick access to:

  • Novaled materials, including Novaled doping and outcoupling technology
  • OLED processing expertise
  • Optimization for high efficiency and long-lifetime OLEDs
  • Information on OLED display, lighting and other organic electronic applications

Novaled’s IP portfolio covers many key areas such as:

In addition, Novaled’s IP Portfolio covers:

  • Optical outcoupling technology
  • OLED lighting technology
  • Transparent OLEDs
  • Cold and warm white light OLEDs for displays and lighting
  • Organic electronic circuits and devices

Beyond Limits

Taking OLEDs to Unexplored Frontiers:

Novaled’s doping technology and materials enable high power efficiency and long lifetime OLED devices. They result in fewer processing steps and an additional degree of freedom for product design.

High level of innovation

Novaled’s doping technology and materials are protected through > 910 granted patents.

The strength of innovation is reflected in the continuous rapid increase in the number of patent families and granted patents.