Novaled's highly qualified and motivated team consists of more than 130 employees, including qualified chemists, physicists and other recognized experts in their fields. Our management - the Management Board, the business strategy council and the business excellence council – views the synergy and advancement of our employees’ key competencies as vital to Novaled’s success and a direct benefit to our customers.

Under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Management Board oversees the general direction and long-term strategy of Novaled in accordance with the law, the Company Articles of Association and Supervisory Board directives.

Mr. Gerd Günther – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Member of Management Board Novaled, Germany
  • 25 years of international management experience in the consumer electronics field
  • Previous experience in FPD product management of international companies
  • Degree in economics, sales & marketing

Mr. Jae-Hong Choi – Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

  • Member of Management Board Novaled, Germany
  • 14 years of experience in the Electronic Material Marketing and Finanical Strategy especially Controlling  
  • Previous experience at Sales & Marketing in charge of light guide plate, color resist at Samsung Cheil Industries
  • Previous experience at Financial Strategy as direct support of the CFO and CEO of Samsung SDI  
  • BA. degree at Economics & Finance, Hanyang University, Korea

Mr. Sangshin Lee, Ph.D – Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

  • Member of Management Board Novaled, Germany
  • Extensive experience in OLED and material synthesis & material development (Samsung SDI)
  • Technical and strategical responsibility for OLED material synthesis and material development projects (Principle Research Engineer & Project and Team Leader)
  • Ph.D in Chemistry at KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KOR