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Novaled applies a global quality approach that follows the standard of ISO 9001. Novaled is deeply committed to quality and has been certified since December 2011. Recertification as per latest ISO 9001:2015 (한국어 버전) has been issued in 2018.

Novaled’s mission is to create value for its customers through developing and marketing organic materials and technologies. To accomplish its mission and ensure high quality standards in all areas of the company, Novaled creates, maintains and continuously improves its workflows and efficiency through pro-active innovation and careful monitoring. Novaled regularly reviews process efficiency and quality as part of its ongoing efforts to deliver world-class products.

Novaled’s management manual is the supervision framework for its integrated management systems for quality, environment, health and safety, as well as data privacy and information security.


Novaled as Authorised Economic Operator:
AEO Certificate "Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety" (AEO C/S)

An authorised economic operator (AEO) is a particularly reliable and trustworthy economic operator.

Novaled received the certificate on May 18, 2020. With the AEO status, the main objective is to ensure the security of the secure supply chain from the production of the products/materials to the end consumer.


ISO 45001

ISO 9001

AEO Certificate: