Novaled Materials for Visionary OLED Lighting Products

OLED lighting applications require high power efficiency, long lifetime at high brightness, and low production cost. To achieve those targets Novaled materials contribute:

  • Reduced operating voltage
    … using Novaled's p-dopants eliminates potential barriers to doping hole injection layers and thick hole transport layers at sustained or improved efficiency levels and in combination with long lifetime.
  • Higher production yield
    … thick transport layers reduce the likelihood of electrode shortcuts, increasing production yield. Many substrate materials considered for large area OLED production have a prohibitive surface roughness not compatible with thin OLED stacks. Novaled's doping materials enable the use of such substrates despite this drawback.
  • Improved ability to reproduce device performance
    … using Novaled's p-dopants to stabilize the interface to the anode means that processing and surface property fluctuations have no impact on device performance. Doping allows decoupling of optical conditions and electrical performance in thin cavity devices, significantly reducing binning of final products.
  • Increased efficiency and lifetime
    … by allowing fine-tuning of the charge-carrier balance in the device; depending on the application, selecting the right transport material (HTL or ETL) can put the emphasis on either parameter.
  • Ability to stack OLED structures
    …using doped charge generation layers in-between. The stacked structure also considerably increases lateral homogeneity of light emission and promotes long device lifetime.
  • A wide range of electrodes
    …doped charge injection layers allow reduced contact resistance for a variety of electrode materials such as ITO, Al, Ag, Mo, APC and AlTiN. A wide range of electrodes can be selected, due to their low sheet resistance. Even metal grid type electrodes and Indium-free electrodes such as Ag nanowires, can be used.
  • Transparent OLEDs
    …can be produced – a decisive design advantage for OLED lighting products.

Material set for high-performance OLED stacks for lighting


Selected commercial materials
for OLED lighting applications:

  • NET-164
  • NDN-87
  • NDP-9
  • NHT-51