OLEDs in Lighting

A New World of Lighting Applications with OLEDs

OLEDs offer a new way to create artistic applications with light – pure, sophisticated and beautiful. As a unique area light source, OLEDs have strong potential for new applications in various industries. OLEDs also can be incorporated in furniture elements such as mirrors and other surfaces, or as a part of an interior space, room or building. The flat form factor combined with OLED panel flexibility also may open up new possibilities in the area of automotive and avionic lighting.

OLED devices are ultra slim and emit very homogeneous light. The warm and natural white light of OLEDs is perceived as close to daylight due to the high color rendering index (CRI>90). In addition, OLEDs are considered a green technology that does not use mercury and has the potential to become even more efficient than energy-saving bulbs.

Novaleds doping technology delivers high-quality OLED lighting products with long lifetime and low power consumption. Other advantages of OLED devices based on Novaled expertise include transparency, design flexibility and color retention.