Markets and Trading Opportunities

Novaled is currently targeting three major application end markets with its commercial OLED technology: flat panel display, solid-state lighting and thin film photovoltaic. Future long-term growth markets include organic electronics with numerous potential applications such as transistors or batteries.

Total revenues for OLED display in 2018 are estimated to be more than $40 billion (source: UBI Research). The flat panel display market comprises three major application segments: mobile phones, personal computers and television. Although the dominant technology today is LCD, OLED is increasing its market share rapidly.

Revenues for OLED lighting are estimated to climb above $ 1 billion in 2019 (source: cintelliq). It is expected that OLED will change the lighting market by converging the light source (lamp) with the fixture (luminaire) due to its unique form factor as an area light source.

The total revenue for OPV module products is estimated at approximately $228 million in 2018 (source: Nanomarkets). Organic solar cells deliver specific benefits, such as transparency, flexibility and better energy conversion factors for ambient light conditions.