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PRESS RELEASE: Corner Stone Foundation for Novaled Premises in Dresden

Samsung SDI invests ~25 million euros in Novaled fab and office buildings

Today Novaled celebrates the corner stone foundation for the new company premises at Elisabeth-Boer-Strasse 9 in Dresden. On the 10,200 m² site in the north of Dresden, the Old Mill, which is under monument protection, will be renovated and transformed into a prestigious office building. As a new building, a 110-meter-long R&D plant with the best-equipped research area, clean rooms of class ISO5 and ISO7 as well as laboratories are being built. Works for the floor plate and walls of the R&D plant as well as the partial de-coring of the mill have begun. The new company headquarters offers Novaled enough space for further growth. After completion of the construction measures, the team will be able to use an area of 6,160 m² in the buildings - the best conditions for the development of materials for premium OLEDs and organic electronics.

Novaled is currently worldwide the only supplier of organic dopants for OLED display mass production. The doping technology of the Samsung subsidiary Novaled is meanwhile a quasi-industry standard. Dresden's know-how and materials are thus found in most smartphones, tablets and other devices with OLED displays. Also OLED lighting applications like Audi TT tail lights or applications like organic solar cells use Novaled technologies and materials for being high performant.

With the purchase of the property and the decision to invest over 25 million euros in the Dresden location, Samsung SDI as Novaled parent company has made a very clear commitment to the economic region and to Novaled. Together with the city of Dresden and the state of Saxony, this step was successfully launched.

"Novaled stands for a pioneer and the successful path from science to the economy creating jobs and value added in Saxony," says Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich. "With the investment in the new company headquarters an impressive history is now being continued. The commitment is very positive for the Dresden location with its numerous high-tech companies. It also strengthens Saxony as a whole. "

"The advantages of the new company location are obvious: best accessibility for customers, suppliers and employees; a very good infrastructure; state-of-the-art equipment and ample space for our creative team, "says Gerd Günther, CEO of Novaled. "These are the best prerequisites for driving innovation, opening up new markets, winning customers and their applications, and ensuring sustainable growth in Saxony."

Novaled is particularly proud of the fact that the company combines in the new premise history and modernity harmoniously. The former mill is now used as an architecturally significant building after years of decay. In view of the company growth Novaled CEO Gerd Günther can assure, that being located in the new premises of the former army bakery, Novaled will be able to catch a bigger piece of cake.



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