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Visit from Japan by OLED pioneer Professor Junjii Kido

Visit from Japan by OLED pioneer Professor Junjii Kido

Yesterday we were delighted to have the opportunity to welcome a special guest: Professor Junjii Kido, a renowned pioneer in the field of organic electronics from Yamagata University in Japan.

Professor Kido is internationally renowned for his work, in particular for the development of the world's first white light emitting organic electronic device in 1993. His research has laid the foundations for numerous innovations in organic electronics.

Professor Kido was accompanied by Professor Takeshi Sano as well as Mr. Yutaka Okuyama from the Innovation Center for Organic Electronics and Mr. Takanori Hanayama from the Department of Organic Materials Science at Yamagata University. We also welcomed the participation of Mr. Tianyi Zhang and Mr. Jakob Lindenthal from the IAPP of TU Dresden.

The visit was part of a joint development project on organic sensors between Organic Electronics Saxony (OES), TU Dresden, ITO Electronics and Yamagata University.

During a guided tour, the visitors were given exclusive insights behind the scenes and into Novaled's laboratories. They also had the opportunity to exchange ideas.

During their stay, the visitors were impressed by the laboratory facilities in the technical center and the successful integration of listed elements from the old mill into the new building.

We are looking forward to seeing you again!



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